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FRF Studio is an online community serving users of Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004. We have been providing freeware scenery and other enhancements to the flight simulation world since 2005. Our projects are regularly uploaded to as well as 

What's going on now:

As we push forward into 2014, things have been moving quite slowly. The main reason being a major systems upgrade and fine tuning has taken the lion's share of available energy at FRF. Work has begun on a few new projects which should all be complete by this summer. Rest assured that FRF Studio is still in business and still producing for FS 2004. A future with FSX is imminent but not yet finalized.

Feel free to go to for active discussions or any questions you may have. You can also keep abreast of our progress with our facebook page as we will post progress photos and press releases of upcoming projects. We would also love to hear your input and suggestions. 



Fairbanks, Alaska version 3.0


To see screenshots or to download scenery, click on photo below.

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